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What started as making customised sketch books to gift our friends and loved ones turned into a quest. A quest for freedom, elegance, minimalism and a sustainable environment - a place for future generations to live in.

And we discovered NAHADS. 

We hope to reflect the sheer beauty of the human touch in all of our works, like a potter shaping his craft, a sculptor who grips a chisel, the soft little hands of a new born. Every product is crafted by hand with a unique little piece of affection for the unique You. 


How to send your gifts?

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Art journals for the creative kids. Planners for the busy dads and mums. Greeting cards for your loved ones. Choose your favourite!

Do you love your name bound on the side of a book or a photo/ caricature/ name of you on the cover of a book or a greeting card? We pay attention to detail. We customise according to your needs!

Quick, simple and safe - all the things that you expect for a happy shopping.

Delivered at your door step!

With lot of delivery options, the gifts will reach you safely in no time!


Merida Riaanne

Got a customized planner and I'm in love! Really good quality. ✨


Aadhith Balasubramaniam

I purchased a customised handmade journal for nature sketching. The lovely thing about the product is that the very touch of the product feels so organic and more a sustainable one starting from packaging to material used.


Nivethitha Venkat

I am a regular customer of studio NAHADS,I have suggested to many of my friends also. Harshi delivers customized journals with the exact output that we ask for..she puts her heart and soul to all the beautiful handmade books, planners etc, they are unique and really worth using and for gifting as well.

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