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The Versatile Planner

I have decided to make the new planner a bit more fun and versatile. You get to choose how your planner looks! The Pages, Binding, the Size and the Cover. Also feel free to add in any customisations that you'd like. 


And I'm keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible, so using this specially crafted planner is a Win-Win for us and our planet :) Also feel free to gift these handmade planners to your loved ones.



You get to choose between two different sizes based on your everyday use.

Cover Design

planner cover-07.png
planner cover-08.png
planner cover-06.png

We offer cover designs from which you can choose or you can customise them as well.



We offer two different colour options for the internal sheets - pastel colours and white.



Different layouts are available for flexible usage.


One Day at a time1.jpg
keep life simple2.jpg

Various binding styles are offered based on the utility and purpose.

How to use our versatile planner?

It's very    Simple & Minimal

Our Planner consists of Grid pages, Weekly planner, Weekly expense sheet and Dotted pages.

pic 2.jpg
pic 1.jpg

Grid Page


As a mirror reflection, it can help us track our- moods, performances, target achievement and happiness levels too!!! This is a space for self-improvement and growth, working towards our trajectory to rise…

pic 3.jpg

Weekly Planner

Month date: The planner starts with filling out the month of that week and the date one prefers to start with. 

Weekdays row and time column: The tasks can be written precisely. The window period between 6 am to 1 pm and 8 pm gives the user to squeeze in their important tasks at any particular time in the given day of the week.

Weekly goals: This space gives us the targets and plans to complete in that week.

A day to relax and review us- Sunday!

pic 4.jpg

Weekly Expense Sheet

As we all know, financial management at any level is a challenge… if it's managed efficiently its a life saver!!! 

Weekly expense planner disciplines the user to utilise their hard earned income to use wisely and reserve the rest for savings in a Jar!!!


For example: you can create 3 or 4 different jars based on the purpose you want to save up for. Let's say a person 'Abhishek' wants to save to buy a laptop, travel and contribute for a cause that year. He can name the jar into 3 types and divide weekly savings into three parts and put in them.

A space for Special Reminder, to remind us how great our week was and what important ones are yet to come!


Dotted Sheets 

It is the most striking feature of our planner!! It gives the users a whole lot of space to utilize it as per their requirements as creative sketching/doodling by artists, architectural drawing and designs, making collages, flow charts, presentations planner, comparative table for decision making, logo design, Marketing strategy planner, framing for photography, social media planning etc.

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